Keys Parents Launch “Mukhang Swerte”, A Fundraiser

The Keys Parent Volunteers Group launched “Mukhang Swerte!” (Art Masks for a Cause), an art exhibit of masks. The masks are limited edition and especially commissioned for Keys.  The artists are Janelle Tang, Mark Arcamo, Farley del Rosario and Roel Obemio–all up and coming artistsThe masks are valued at P8,500.00 but are being sold at the special rate of P5,000.00. Each mask comes with a gallery certification.
Proceeds will partially support The Teachers’ Fund which is an incentive program for Keys teachers who deliver excellent performance throughout the school year. The parent volunteers have spearheaded The Teachers’ Fund for the past 2 years.

If you are interested in purchasing one (or more) of only 200 masks, please contact Ms. Rai at Keys Grade School: 727-9357/723-4979



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“Too Much, Too Soon: Breaking the Entitlement Cycle” — A Parent Development Seminar

Children who have parents who can provide for their needs–food, clothing, shelter–are very lucky.  But there has been a trend that also shows that parents are giving too much too soon in relation to material goods, etc.  Parents need to be aware of the consequences of encouraging entitlement and price of privileges to the total development of the child. Because of this need, Keys Grade School, through its Wellness Center, will be holding its first parent development seminar for the school year.

This seminar entitled, “Too Much, Too Soon: Breaking the Entitlement Cycle”, aims to help parents mold their children into responsible individuals. It will be held at Keys Grade School on August 25, Thursday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The speaker will be the Director of Student Affairs of Keys Grade School, Maricar Gustilo-de Ocampo, an adjunct professor at DLSU who has had decades of experience in education and parent development.

Keys holds a number of these parent development seminars throughout the school year in recognition of the primary role that parents and families play in the development of their children.

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After-School Program for the First Half of SY 2011-2012

For the fifth year, Keys is offering after-school programs that will enable children to extend their learning and enable them to have their true colors shine through! This year, on offer are programs in Guitar, Flamenco, Taekwondo, Hiphop, Writing, and two performing programs offered in conjunction with Trumpets!

Click here to get a copy of the flyer:

After-school 11-12

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Classroom Peek: 9’s and 10’s (Grade 4)

In this series of posts called ‘Classroom Peek’, you will be given a sneak view into the work of the children in the various classrooms, one room at a time.

The grade 4 classroom will be the subject of today’s sneak peek.

Below, the children gather around their teacher who reads a chapter book to them. At key points in the book, the teacher would ask the children to talk about the book. Read-alouds, as we call them in Keys, is an effective way for children to learn comprehension skills.

On The Wall: The children traced migration paths of themselves and their family members on this World Map for their Social Studies. They used strings and tacks to mark the migration paths. They also did the same for migration paths around the Philippines. Look at how much migration is a part of the children’s lives!

On Their Notes: Instead of merely copying, this child below exercised her reflective thinking by writing her own ideas on how to determine which of two numbers is greater.

The classroom library of the Grade 4 class features a small table in the middle where children would gather to do small group work. Books are sorted into baskets and in the shelves either by reading level or according to themes.

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Classroom Peek: 8’s and 9’s (Grade 3)

In this series of posts called ‘Classroom Peek’, you will be given a sneak view into the work of the children in the various classrooms, one room at a time.

Today’s sneak peek is at the Grade 3 classrooms.

In one classroom, the children collaborate in pairs to investigate the effect on the value of a four-digit number if the digits were moved around. These two children below in another grade 3 classroom are testing the magnetic properties of the doorknob as they look for various materials in the classroom that can be magnetized.

This student records her observations on magnetism.

On the Wall: the children are guided on how to choose just-right books from the classroom library.

On the Wall: This child reflects on the importance of reading in our lives:

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Bank Street Library’s 2011 Children’s Summer Reading Book Lists

It’s not summer vacation here anymore, but these lists will come in handy year-round for parents who want some tips on what great books are out there for their children to read.

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It’s a Long Weekend (of getting ready) at Keys!

The Keys campus is all abuzz

Everyone’s excited and busy

If you’re here, you’d be dizzy

And you’ll ask, What’s all this fuzz?


Walls wear colorful paint

Toys are sorted and labeled

So fun times are enabled

Easy work, oh no this ain’t!










Labels are spelled out








Blocks find their new home

Folders wait for their owners








Keys is getting ready, no doubt!

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